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Hurricane Sandy Relief Street Axe Elephant Brand Skateboards - W&L 9.5”X32” WB 14

New Jersey is my home. It’s where I was born and raised and where I cut my teeth on a skateboard. The people and skaters of New Jersey have always had my back. The roots run deep and the appreciation I have for skaters from Jersey is huge.

I know the recent storm and it’s aftermath has been devastating to many Jersey communities statewide and that skaters and their families have been affected. I’ve felt strongly that I wanted to do something. — To help skaters and their families in some direct way.

Elephant Brand Skateboards is honored to partner with NJ Skateshop to produce a limited run of 100 collaboration Street Axe decks that feature a special screen printed Hurricane Sandy Relief top graphic. These boards will be hand signed and numbered by yours truly — Each board personalized to the person whom it is for, thanking them for their contribution to help skaters. These boards will sell for $100 each with 100% of the profits going directly to skaters and their families in need.

Please help us in our journey to raise $7500 going directly to NJ Skateshop to distribute to the affected skaters and their families.

Jersey Strong,

Mike V

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Monday Nov 19
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